Welcome to NATRL’s website. In the paragraphs below we will outline the details of how we handle privacy when it comes to our website. Before getting into that, we want you to know that privacy and security are of the outmost importance to NATRL and that we take our responsibility to keep your data safe, very seriously.
NATRL will not gather, store or redistribute anyone of your personal online or offline data/information. The purpose of this website is to show potential customers and customers who NATRL is, what we do and how to contact us if need be. We only ask you for your name, email or any other information to provide quotes and services. With that being said, we do include your in our newsletters however you can opt out any time.

Our website is PIPEDA (https://www.priv.gc.ca/en/privacy-topics/privacy-laws-in-canada/the-personal-information-protection-and-electronic-documents-act-pipeda/pipeda_brief/) compliant. We do not collect or store any personal information.

The only time personal information will be collected is if you order a doll through our website.. Regardless, of its collection, your data will never be shared or sold to any third parties. Furthermore, NATRL is GDPR compliant.

Our website links out to some of our partners but in no way, shape or form are we responsible for the content displayed on those particular sites.

NATRLDOLLS.com is secured with an SSL certificate, which provides NATRL and its users with an added layer of security.

Ultimately, here at NATRL, we take security and privacy very seriously. If you find a vulnerability in our site, please reach out and let us know. Thank you for considering and trusting NATRL to help with all your IT needs. We look forward to servicing your business and building a longstanding relationship.

The only data that is collected is the data that is used for analytics tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console. This data allows us to better understand your experience on our website and allow us to optimize your user experience.

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to reach out today.

This policy has been updated in 2019.