Yes this is a real thing! People all over the world are curious about sex dolls, and want to experience one, but simply don’t have the financial backing it takes to make such an expensive purchase, without first experiencing it. Natrl offers both short three hour rentals, and longer overnight rentals giving people the ability to truly experience a high end sex doll.

The dolls are extremely realistic, they all (except for our male dolls) have 3 offices, oral, anal, and virginal that are textured in a different way to provide the most realistic sensation. The dolls all have different bodies, faces, stomachs, butts, breasts, and even feet.

Yes all the dolls are very similar in size to regular people, but they don’t stand more the 5’3”, simply because they would be too difficult to maneuver. The weight of each doll is different, they can be up to 130lbs, and as low as 70lbs. If you’re worried that you may not be able to move the doll, all of the dolls specifications are listed on our website under the ‘Our Dolls’ tab.

Yes this is legal, at the end of the day they are simply dolls, studies show that there are over 30,000 dolls in North America, and that number is growing significantly every single day.

Yes, the privacy of our clients is one of our top priorities, we will not send you countless emails, or call you unless you want us to.

We deliver to your location, hotel, residence and numerous other safe locations. When booking there is a comments section, we ask you to put instructions regarding how you would like the doll to be delivered, including placement and specific times. We can’t guarantee an exact time for pickup and delivery, but we can promise you will get your full time with the doll, you will be notified when our drivers are at your location. All of our dolls are transported in black cases that look similar to band equipment, so there is no need to worry about curious neighbours.

Before we pickup the dolls, we ask you to have them ready to go to an extent, we want to be in an out quickly. We will bring the case inside, place the doll inside the case and leave.

These Dolls are not silicon they are made from a material called TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer). TPE has many properties in common with skin, it is very absorbent, and it can perspire just like skin. Be careful where you place the dolls on surfaces that can stain, it is possible that after heavy usage they can leave stains similar to sweat stains, on sheets, and couches.

Thermoplastic Elastomer sometimes referred to as thermoplastic rubbers, are a class of co-polymers or a physical mix of polymers (usually a plastic and a rubber) that consist of materials with both thermoplastic and elastomeric properties.

We ask you not to get the dolls wet, like we mentioned, they will absorb water, and other liquids that will come out of the skin with any type of pressure.

Yes you will get your deposit back once the doll is returned and has passed the post rental inspection. If the doll has been damaged beyond repair you will be responsible for full cost of replacing the doll.

The dolls are delicate. They are on the same frame as humans are, they have the same joints as people. The dolls can not go into unrealistic positions. We ask that you be careful when maneuvering the dolls, they are heavy and there skin is sensitive. We ask that you do not bite or pull on any areas of the dolls. Don’t do anything to the dolls that you wouldn’t do to a real person.

Each doll will come with condoms, and lube, it is mandatory that you use both.

This is our number one question. The dolls are taken through are rigorous multi stage cleaning process, completed by trained and certified employees of Natrl Dolls. After a full interior and exterior wash using antibacterial soap and hydrogen peroxide, we go over the dolls with a black light and UV-C light, insuring that there is nothing on the inside or out side of the doll. They are cleaner then any person.

You can book the doll for future dates at anytime, however for day of orders, our order cut off time is 9:00 PM.

Your doll will be dropped of clothed but not necessarily in the outfit as shown. Do NOT dress the doll in different outfits, as dye from certain cloths can stain the surface of the doll.

This is a very common question with a very simple answer. The benefits of renting a doll are endless, when you rent a doll from Natrl Dolls, all of the responsibility falls onto us, we clean the doll, maintain the doll, and store the doll. Maintaining a doll is something people often don’t think of during the rental process, the skin needs to be properly washed, dried, moisturized and powdered, which isn’t a short process. People also often overlook the storage, these dolls are not something you can put in the corner of the living room with a blanket draped over them … they are the size of a person. Sex dolls are not cheap toys, they can be thousands of dollars. Once you buy a doll, you are committed to that doll for an extended period of time, renting allows you not to break the bank, and to switch from doll to doll, not holding you down to one for years. Let us do all the work, you just enjoy!

This is another very common question we get, but there is a very simple answer. You never know what you’re going to get! When you order from Natrl Dolls, the doll you select is the exact doll that is going to show up, they don’t look any different in person than in pictures. Among the countless other benefits of Doll vs. Escort, the doll won’t say no, you can act on any fantasy you have ever had. When you order an escort, they might not be the only one that shows up, you might have your companion for the night, and her boss show up, that one thing we guarantee, we won’t show up take your money and leave, you will get your full time with the doll.