The first question is always “Are the dolls clean?”. YES the dolls are extremely clean, we have a multi-step process that is carried out by trained professionals with a professional background in Health and Safety, ensuring that the dolls are cleaner than any person. The process begins with a general rinse, this gets any solids off the surface of the doll, followed by a rinse of all orifices with hot water. After all heavy exterior and interior contaminants are removed we apply disinfectant soap to the exterior and interior of the doll using a medical sponge, this agitates the surface the perfect amount insuring anything that may have been absorbed into the TPE, has now been evacuated, and rinsed off, we then repeat on the interior of the doll. After a second rinse we re-apply the disinfectant soap to the surface and allow it to be absorbed, well rinsing all orifices with commercial strength hydrogen peroxide, eliminating any bacteria left over. The final interior and exterior rinse takes place, the doll is dried with a plush microfiber towel, (Microfiber towels are washed with bleach after each use) Talcum powder is then applied giving the dolls skin a soft sensation. As a final precaution the dolls have a UV-C light put over every part of their body to insure all micro bacteria has been removed. Once the cleaning process has been completed a black light is run over the doll to make sure nothing has been missed.